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About Encyte

About Encyte

At Encyte we are focused on thoughtfully crafting complete brand experiences centered around responsive websites, custom designed mobile applications and enterprise solutions. We are a full- service digital agency that believes being a favourite brand is better than being a famous one and our digital ecosystems can help your business grow and build an enduring relationship between your brand and the consumer.

Process of Encyte

Our Process

  • Discovery

    Our process begins with an in depth discovery period where we learn your business and work side by side with you to understand the problem or business goal. Then, we merge this with the existing technology landscape to set the stage for a creative solution.

  • Concept

    Absorbing your specifications, we create a few draft concepts. We are well aware that everyone’s budgets, priorities and timelines are different and thus the discovery phase helps us eliminate any risky assumptions from the draft process. After careful exploration of the different concepts together with you, we narrow it down to a single concept and create an identity for your brand.

  • Design

    Once we finalize our strategy, we portion all the data into working diagrams. Upon approval, they become the basis for intricate wireframes for the various facets of your website or application. Once the wireframes have been laid out, we work hand in hand with you to build the experiential and visual components to create a smooth interaction between the user and the product and beautiful seamless visuals.

    At this point your concept has been brought to life and is ready to be developed. Here we take it through a review in order to polish and flesh out the finer details before we proceed to development.

  • Development

    In the development stage, our front and back end programmers work in concert putting your website or application together.

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